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Introducing RatioShift! Designed for the enthusiast and built for the race track. RatioShift enhances the driving experience. Originally designed as a simple shift-light to keep the driver's eyes on the road – it quickly evolved into a multifunction auto dimming temperature reading powerhouse. No more are the days of constant paranoia where the unpredictable could happen; leaving you with a warped head, low compression bavarian hunk of aluminum.



Key Features:


  • Active Monitoring 

     Keeping your eyes on the road RatioShift will constantly monitor rpm and coolant    



  • Ultra Bright LEDs

     RatioShift utilizes latest LED advancements with ultra bright RGB LEDs. With auto

     dimming at night and full brightness during the day, these LEDs look awesome.


  • Microprocessor

     High-speed 64 MHz processor releases the full potential of RatioShift. With high refresh

     rate and precise Algorithms, RatioShift is always ready.


  • Temperature Notification 

     RatioShift has three user programmable temperature notifications – cold, overheat

     warning, and extreme overheat. 


  • Design

     With a sleek appearance RatioShift is the only shift light designed for the E46 dash in the 

     perfect location.


  • Fully Programmable 

    With the included straightforward programming card, easily adjust RatioShift's 10 

    programmable settings. Each setting is stored in memory – only requiring an initial setup.

  1. Colour stage 1
  2. Colour stage 2
  3. Colour stage 3
  4. RPM shift point
  5. Coolant temperature cold
  6. Coolant temperature hot
  7. Coolant temperature overheat 
  8. LED brightness
  9. LED auto dimming sensitivity 
  10. DME selection (MS43 or MS45)


  • Electrical Protection

     With built in reverse voltage, over voltage and transient current protection RatioShift is

     designed and built to last. 


  • Full Platform Support

    RatioShift supports all E46 engine and DME platforms: M54, MS43, MS45, MS45.1,

    S54 and MSS54.




Installing RatioShift is very intuitive with only 4 wires needing to be connected: power, ground, rpm and coolant temperature.

RatioShift's wiring harness runs between the gauge cluster and dash. Once behind the dash, power and ground tap into switch power from the gauge cluster. The wiring harness then moves down to the footwell and through the firewall into the ECU box where rpm and coolant temperature are tapped. 



For detailed installation, videos and an instruction booklet will be supplied. If you've installed angel eyes before then you're good to go!


*Please note this is a PREORDER. Shipments are expected to start October*


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